Reverend Peter J. Mahfoud

Reverend Peter J. Mahfoud, J.C.D., Ph.D., one of ten children of Youssef and Saada (Serhal) Mahfouz was born on June 8, 1928 in Ghadir, Lebanon. Four of his siblings also embraced religious vocations of whom, one brother, Youssef Mahfouz, became Bishop of Brazil. Father Mahfoud studied at St. Joseph University and was ordained on April 24, 1955.

 He earned his Doctorate in Canon Law and a degree in Eastern Canon Law. He also wrote several books and pamphlets on the Maronite Rite and other topics.

 In his first assignment in the United States, Father Mahfoud served as Pastor of St. George Maronite Church, Uniontown, Pennsylvania, from 1969 until 1983. Under Father Mahfoud’s strong leadership and supervision, the parish continued to grow and flourish. Parish groups continued to be active, C.C.D. programs grew and the boys of the parish were very active in the YMCA basketball leagues.

 Father Mafoud’s example of Christian leadership inspired the parish to continue to work hard in order to clear its indebtedness as soon as possible and this was realized at the end of December, 1977, just ten years after the new church was built! The official burning of the mortgage was observed on April 19, 1978, and many dignitaries joined in the celebration.

The parish of St. George continued their efforts and through the work of the pastor and his people made many great accomplishments – the building program was finalized with the paving of the church road and parking lot; the installation of air conditioning in the church and rectory; the purchase of a new organ; the erection of a bell tower with the Antiochian Cross and the three bells; new baptismal font; chalices; Maronite-Syriac vestments and many other needed items. A number of these had fulfilled previous pledges and contributions by parishioners and friends of the parish.In October, 1983, Father Mahfoud, his mission accomplished at St. George, was assigned to his new pastorship at Holy Family Maronite Church in St. Paul, Minnesota where he served until 1992. At that time, Father Mahfoud retired to Uniontown, Pennsylvania where he lived until his passing on December 8, 2005.